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CASE Academy 2023-2024
Welcome to CASE Academy

Welcome to CASE Academy! This 7-month course is designed to help you grow your leadership skills based on the CASE Core Competencies Model. These competencies are crucial for advancement professionals in all disciplines and mastering them is an integral part of your leadership journey.

Each month, CASE Academy will tackle a different core competency and will feature a mix of materials:

  1. Asychronous (on-demand) plenary presentation by CASE Academy faculty. These sessions should be completed first as they are meant to provide the groundwork needed to begin incorporating these competencies into your daily work life.
  2. Asychronous pre-class activity. After you have completed the asychronous lecture, the pre-class activities provide thought exercises and prompts you should begin trying out in the month leading up to the next live discussion.
  3. Virtual, synchronous (live) class discussions. Each month, CASE Academy participants will come together live for discussion and collaboration around the topic of that month.  
  4. Optional on-demand modules. CASE will also provide optional additional resources that can further help you develop your skills as a leader each month.

CASE will release the asynchronous plenary and activities the month before the live class discussion. This is by design to ensure participants have time to digest, practice and come to the live sessions prepared for meaningful dialog and sharing.

CASE Academy will bring the most benefit to you if you do the work in advance and come to class prepared to participate.  

We’re excited to have you here and look forward to learning and growing together.

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