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CASE Currents Deep Dive: Talent Management

Traditionally, when assessing potential employees, higher education institutions emphasize specific relevant experiences. Because of the dynamic nature of today’s landscape and growing talent scarcity a broader approach to recruitment is needed. 

Unconventional recruiting efforts that prioritize transferable skills have emerged as a viable response, and this practice can open the door to a treasure trove of talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. At the LSU Foundation, some of our most successful hires were previously a teacher, a salesperson, and even a pastor!

During this conversation, Dr. Yvette Marsh will share how LSU’s Foundation is looking for transferable skills in the interview process and how strategic onboarding decisions have helped the LSU Foundation successfully recruit outside the box.

This ToGather is a deep dive based on this article Dr. Marsh wrote for CASE Currents. 

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