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CASE Insights on Alumni Engagement Key Findings Fiscal Year 2022
Join CASE’s Ann Kaplan, Jenny Cooke Smith, & Nick Campisi as they share FY22 findings from the CASE Insights on Alumni Engagement analysis and discuss next steps for your team.

By participating in a survey, your institution will also gain easy access to summary benchmarking reports with peer comparisons, along with detailed data and additional options. (formerly known as the GPS report)

Summary benchmarking reports are:

A benefit of CASE membership for survey participants
Interactive and visual
Designed to share with staff and volunteer leaders
Serve as a jumping-off point for using comparison benchmarks: dig deeper on your own in the data portal (formerly known as Data Miner) or partner with CASE Insights to unlock more in-depth analysis with the strategic benchmarking report
This webinar is free to take part.
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