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Campaign Fundamentals
This series of three micro-courses will walk you through key components that make up a capital campaign. From the initial planning to the quiet phase and public launch, learn what components are required to build and execute a successful campaign. 

Each of these micro-courses is estimated to take 10 minutes or less.

These course are best suited to the following CASE career levels:
  • Level 1 - Early Career (acquire knowledge about the common core of the advancement function for new professionals and mid-career professionals transitioning into advancement)
  • Level 2 - Emerging Early Career (develop technical, explicit knowledge in a chosen specialty and grow skills in the advancement competencies)

These courses will add to your Industry/Sector Expertise along the CASE Competencies Model.

  • Industry/Sector Expertise
    Focused upon knowledge and skills requisite to specific domains of practice within the profession (Fundraising, Constituent and Alumni Relations, Marketing and Communications, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Management, Advancement Services)
Special thank you to Jen Howe, Vice President for Development at Georgia Tech and Juan Garcia, fomerly the Assistant Vice President for Advancement Strategy and Campaign Director at University of Texas at Austin. These micro-courses were adapted from content developed by Howe and Garcia.
This series of 3 micro-courses is free to CASE members. Non-members may purchase the courses for $60.

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