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Modes of Alumni Engagement
In 10 minutes or less, these micro-courses introduce the four modes of alumni engagement and explain how measuring alumni engagement can improve your alumni engagement strategy. 

These courses are best suited to the following CASE career levels:
  • Level 1 - Early Career (acquire knowledge about the common core of the advancement function for new professionals and mid-career professionals transitioning into advancement)
  • Level 2 - Emerging Early Career (develop technical, explicit knowledge in a chosen specialty and grow skills in the advancement competencies)
  • Level 3 - Practicing/maturing Mid-Career (work on achieving fluency in all aspects of advancement and grow leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of ethics)

These courses will add to your Industry/Sector Expertise in Alumni Relations along the CASE Competencies Model

  • Industry/Sector Expertise
    Focused upon knowledge and skills requisite to specific domains of practice within the profession (Fundraising, Constituent and Alumni Relations, Marketing and Communications, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Management, Advancement Services)
This series of 4 micro-courses is free to CASE members. Non-members may purchase the courses for $60.

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Learning Objectives
By the end of these micro-courses, you will be able to:
  • Philanthropic Engagement
    • Define philanthropic engagement
    • Identify examples of philanthropic engagement 
  • Experiential Engagement
    • Define experiential engagement
    • Identify examples of experiential engagement
  • Volunteering Engagement
    • Define volunteering engagement
    • Identify examples of volunteering engagement
  • Communication Engagement
    • Define communication engagement
    • Identify examples of communication engagement
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