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Quantifying Good Governance: A Study of Endowments, Policy, & Leadership
In 2021 Commonfund and Fund Governance Analytics (FGA), an ESG and analytics research firm, launched a study to quantify the governance practices of higher education institutions - and effectively measure varying metrics to assess board effectiveness. The 2021 Commonfund-FGA Study of Governance in Higher Education (CFSG) analyzed governance practices among 34 participating higher education institutions with endowments ranging in size from $8.5 million to $3.5 billion. The Study probed 27 governance topics that, when analyzed, enhance the understanding of governance and serve as a guide to best practices that can be benchmarked by how Study participants perform. In this session, Commonfund will share how components like leadership turnover, board self-assessment, board training, board diversity, and investment policy review impact your endowment portfolio.
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