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Transforming Your Students’ Experiences: Fundraising for Targeted Scholarships
Transforming your students’ experiences: Fundraising for Targeted Scholarships.


In a globalised world, universities provide or aim to provide international education, and this is largely manifest in international recruitment activities. This underpins dominant economic narratives, that rarely consider nuances in financial barriers to education, which targeted scholarships can contribute to ameliorating (Fakunle, 2021).


Targeted scholarships can therefore create more opportunities to support the aspirations of educational institutions to provide internationalised classroom and cross-cultural learning involving staff and students from diverse cultural backgrounds. This in turn can facilitate experiential and transformative learning opportunities for all (Fakunle, et. al., 2022) preparing students to work and live in a global world.


However, students’ experiential and aspirational rationales for embarking on international higher education are rarely discussed (Fakunle, 2021). Consequently, in mainstream internationalisation of [higher] education discourses, targeted scholarships are hardly considered as part of strategic initiatives for diversifying, enhancing, and transforming student experiences.


CASE Multi-Cultural Network brings together a panel of experts to discuss pros and cons of targeted scholarships as part of an inclusive strategic policy in higher education advancement from a multifaceted stakeholder approach.


CASE Competencies

Industry/Sector Expertise, Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Global and Cultural Competence



Dr Akile Ahmet, Head of Inclusive Education, Eden Centre for Educational Enhancement, LSE

Dr Omolabake Fakunle, Chancellor's Fellow, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), The University of Edinburgh

Dr Seth Amanfo, Global Regional Director, Africa and the Middle East, University of Edinburgh

Serena-Amani Al Jabbar, President of Students’ Union, Queen Mary University of London


Dee Brecker, Executive Coach and Fundraising Consultant

Maryane Mwaniki, Co-Founder, Counsellor and Coach, Eden Relationships

CASE Multi-Cultural Network 

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