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CASE Academy
Welcome to CASE Academy

Welcome to CASE Academy! This 7-month course is designed to help you grow your leadership skills based on the CASE Core Competencies Model. These competencies are crucial for advancement professionals in all disciplines and mastering them is an integral part of your leadership journey.

Each month, CASE Academy will tackle a different core competency and will feature a mix of materials:

  1. Asychronous (on-demand) plenary presentation by CASE Academy faculty. These sessions should be completed first as they are meant to provide the groundwork needed to begin incorporating these competencies into your daily work life.
  2. Asychronous pre-class activity. After you have completed the asychronous lecture, the pre-class activities provide thought exercises and prompts you should begin trying out in the month leading up to the next live discussion.
  3. Virtual, synchronous (live) class discussions. Each month, CASE Academy participants will come together live for discussion and collaboration around the topic of that month.  
  4. Some months, CASE will also provide optional additional resources that can further help you develop your skills as a leader.

CASE will release the asynchronous plenary and activities the month before the live class discussion. This is by design to ensure participants have time to digest, practice and come to the live sessions prepared for meaningful dialog and sharing.

CASE Academy will bring the most benefit to you if you do the work in advance and come to class prepared to participate.  

We’re excited to have you here and look forward to learning and growing together.

Cohort Assignments
Current cohort assignments are outlined below. If you are newly registered and don't yet have a cohort assignment, you should expect to receive one by the first day of class on October 5.

Marc Barnes & Nathalie Fontana
Jenn A, CASE
Danielle A, Champlain College
Ingrid D, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
Jennie E. University of Nebraska Foundation
Hank G. Boston University
Kelly G. University of Virginia
Nicole J. University of Maryland College Park
Nicole L. York University
Michael M. University of North Florida
Elise P. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jodie R, Syracuse University
Allison S. Drexel University
Amanda S. University of Alabama at Birmingham
Christi T.  Georgia Institute of Technology
Brittany W, Carnegie Mellon University

Barbara Miles & Amy Bronson
Ellie A. York University
Durba C, Oglethorpe University
Simone C, Colorado State University
Kerry F, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bailey-Anne G. McMaster University
Julie K. Carnegie Mellon University
Cherry M. Concordia University
Jennifer M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Krista M. Montana State University-Billings
McKenzie M. University of Dayton
Robyn N. CASE
Jason T. Dartmouth College
Nicole T. Indiana University Health Foundation
Skyin Y, Arizona State University

Chris Cox & Karen Osborne
Giselle A. University of Toronto
Joyce D. Carnegie Mellon University
Naomi D, CASE
Magdalen G. American International School of Budapest
Kimberly G. Governors State University Foundation
Tracey L. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wendi P. Peddie School
Casey R, Samford University
Danielle R. Boston University
Callie W. Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Basil W. University of Vermont
Cynthia W. Quinsigamond Community College
Virginia Y. The Hill School
David Z. Georgia Institute of Technology
Omer Z. Boston University

Sue Cunningham
Tristan B. Boston University
Amber-Lee B. Fanshawe College
Evan C. University of Washington
Lauren C, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Julia D. University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Lauren M. Carleton University
Liz P. Belmont Day School
Isabelle R. Wake Forest University
Stephanie V. The University of Texas Health Center
Karyn V. Peddie School
Nicole W. Texas A&M University - Commerce
Casey W. Menlo School
Mikko Z, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gord Arbeau & Lee Fertig

NOTE: To accommodate time zone differences, this cohort will meet live at a different date and time. You will have access to a recording of the facilitated panel discussions by the day following those live class times.

Cohort meeting times:

  • Australian Western Time & National Standard Time Zones: 8am Tuesday on the following dates: October 11, November 8, December 13, January 10, February 7, March 7, and April 11.
  • Pacific Standard Time Zone: 5pm Monday on the following dates: October 10, November 7, December 12, January 9, February 6, March 6, and April 10.

Ashley B.

University of Southern California

Angela D.

St. John's School

Jennifer G.

Crossroads School for Arts And Sciences

Julia K.

Seattle Colleges

Lindsey K.

Taipei American School

Claire L.

The University of Western Australia

Abbey M.


Adriena P.

University of Washington

Leslie S.

Stanford University

Milos V.

The University of Western Australia

Jayden W.

The University of Western Australia

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